ISMZ Annual Conference, Aug. 19, 2015
During the 250th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, Boston, Massachusetts


Ferdi Schuth

Prof. Ferdi Schuth is Director of the Max-Planck-Institut fur Kohlenforschung in Mulheim an der Ruhr since 1998 and Vice President of the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft in Munchen since 2014. He studied Chemistry and Law at the Westfalische Wilhelms-Universitat of Munster and received his doctorate in chemistry in 1988. He worked as a postdoctoral fellow with Prof. L. D. Schmidt at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis (USA). At the same time he continued his studies of Law and passed the First State Exam in 1989. From 1989 to 1994, he was scientific assistant at the Johannes-Gutenberg-Universitat of Mainz and visiting assistant professor at the University of California in Santa Barbara (USA) in 1993. From 1995 to 1998, he was a full professor for Inorganic Chemistry at the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-Universitat in Frankfurt. He received several awards, Award of the Stifterverband der Deutschen Wissenschaft in 2001, Gottfried-Wilhelm-Leibniz-Award of the DFG, Wohler-Award, Hamburger Wissenschaft-Award, and Carl-Friedrich-von-Weizsacker-Award. His research field comprises energy, biomass conversion, crystallization processes, synthesis of catalyst materials, catalysis, zeolites, ordered mesoporous materials and hydrogen storage materials. He has about 430 publications, 50 plenary lectures, 220 contributions to conferences and approx. 30 patents or patent applications.

Baojian Shen

Prof. Baojian Shen is a faculty member at the China University of Petroleum at Beijing, China. He is the director of University Key Lab for New Material Research and the executive deputy director of Key Lab of Catalysis of CNPC (PetroChina). He is a Member of Academic Committee of China University of Petroleum-Beijing and director of the Academic Committee of College of Chemical Engineering of this university. Now, he is also the Member of Academic Committee of Key Laboratory of Heavy Oil Processing and Key Laboratory of Clean Fuel of CNPC (PetroChina). He received his PhD degree from Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1991. Then he obtained the position at Petroleum Refining Research Institute/Luoyang Petrochemical Engineering Corporation (LPEC) /SINOPEC. In 1993 and 1995, he was promoted to the Senior Engineer and Vice-chief Engineer. In 1997 to 1999, he had a postdoctorate position at Catalysis Research Center, Hokkaido University, Japan (with Prof. Tamotsu Takahashi). In Jan. 2000 he became the full professor at College of Chemical Engineering, China University of Petroleum-Beijing. In recent years his interest focuses on the research of catalytic materials. He has 50 published papers and 30 granted patents.

Eduardo Falabella Sousa-Aguiar

Prof. Eduardo Falabella Sousa-Aguiar is Professor of Department of Organic Processes in Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and also a Senior Advisor in Petrobras Research Centre (CENPES). He has 39 years experience in the field of catalysis and catalytic processes. He has been involved in many research projects and activities and spent quite some time as member of the team that has transferred the technology of cracking catalysts from AKZO Nobel to FCCSA. He has also worked some time as a research fellow in the AKZO Research Centre in Amsterdam, in the University of Brunel, UK, in the Technical University of Vienna and in the Texas Ketjen Plant in Houston, USA. Prof. Falabella is a prolific writer, having authored over 300 scientific papers, two books and several patents. In 2011, he became a member of the Scientific Committee of ICS-UNIDO. In 2010, he was elected a member of the Council of International Zeolite Association. He has also received many awards, e.g. Plinio Cantanhede Award in 1994, Governador do Estado Award in 1998, Golden Retort in 2000, the prestigious Brazilian National Technology Award in 2008, James Oldshue Award of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers in 2012, and FISOCAT International Award in 2014.


Aug. 19, 2015   8:00    
Javier Garcia-Martinez
  Introductory Remarks
Aug. 19, 2015   8:05   Keynote  
Eduardo Falabella Sousa-Aguiar
  Hierarchical Zeolites: Increase in Mesosurface via "Bottom-Up" or "Top-Down" Methods and Its Influence in Catalytic Cracking
Aug. 19, 2015   8:45    
Joost Van Aelst, An Philippaerts, Nicolas Nuttens, Danny Verboekend, Mert Kurttepeli, Elena Gobechiya, Mohamed Haouas, Sreeprasanth P. Sree, Joeri Denayer, Johan Martens, Christine Kirschhock, Francis Taulelle, Sara Bals, Gino Baron, Pierre Jacobs, Bert F. Sels
  Efficient Catalyst Design by NH4OH Treatment of USY Zeolite
Aug. 19, 2015   9:15    
Chun-Chih Chang, Andrew R. Teixeira, Chao Li, Paul Dauenhauer, Wei Fan
  Investigation of Enhanced Mass Transport and Surface Barrier in Hierarchical Zeolites
Aug. 19, 2015   9:45    
Aug. 19, 2015   10:00   Keynote  
Baojian Shen, Delin Yuan, Chunyan Kang, Penghui Zeng, Shenyong Ren, Qiaoxia Guo
  Mesoporous Y Zeolite Preparedby Combining Acid Leaching and Base Treatment of a Non-Uniform Aluminum-Silicon Distribution Architecture
Aug. 19, 2015   10:40    
Eleni F. Iliopoulou, Eleni Heracleous, Angelos Lappas, Konstantinos Triantafyllidis, Noemi Linares, Javier Garcia Martinez
  Effect of Zeolite Mesoporosity and Acidity on the Hydroconversion of n-Hexadecane over Pt Based Catalysts
Aug. 19, 2015   11:10    
Shujiao Jiang, Yasong Zhou, Qiang Wei
  Hydrodenitrogenation of o-Ethylaniline over NiMo/SBA-15 Catalysts Promoted by Citric Acid
Aug. 19, 2015   11:40    
  Lunch Break
Aug. 19, 2015   13:30    
Javier Garcia-Martinez
  Introductory Remarks
Aug. 19, 2015   13:35   Keynote  
Ferdi Schuth
  Mesoporous Zeolites and Related Materials for the Conversion of Biomass-Based Feedstocks
Aug. 19, 2015   14:15    
David P. Gamliel, Laura Wilcox, Nga Nguyen, Julia Valla
  Investigation of Hierarchical Pore Structure Zeolites for Biomass Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis
Aug. 19, 2015   14:45    
Thijs Ennaert, Pierre Jacobs, Bert F. Sels
  A Modern View on Zeolite Stability: Integrity and Application of Zeolite Catalysts in Condensed Aqueous Phase
Aug. 19, 2015   15:15    
Aug. 19, 2015   15:25    
Angela N. Migues, Scott M. Auerbach, Woody Sherman, Subramanian Vaitheeswaran, Adina N. Muskat
  On the Rational Design of Zeolite Clusters
Aug. 19, 2015   15:55    
Hua-Chun Zeng
  Functionalization and Mesoporosity Control of Zeolitic Metal-Organic Frameworks
Aug. 19, 2015   16:25    
Veronica M. Cepak, Debra R. Rolison
  Extracrystalline Siting of Ruthenium-Dioxide Nanoparticles on NaY Zeolites: Effective, Atom-Efficient Dispersed Electrocatalytic Nanoelectrodes
Aug. 19, 2015   16:55    
  Concluding Remarks


Zeolyst International

Since its inception in 1988, Zeolyst International has emerged as a global leader in the disciplines of zeolite powders, catalysts and adsorbents. It combines the product development and manufacturing expertise in zeolites and catalysts from its parent companies, PQ Corporation and the Shell Global Solutions affiliate CRI/Criterion Inc., into a single entity that can handle the entire development and commercialisation of zeolite applications.

Rive Technology, Inc.

Rive Technology, Inc., was founded in 2006 to commercialize Molecular Highway (TM) technology for catalytic and separations processes, such as those used to refine petroleum, produce chemicals and biofuels, and purify air and water. Invented at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Rives proprietary technology improves traditional zeolite catalysts and adsorbents through introduction of broad channels, or molecular highways, which overcome the diffusion limits of these materials, leading to better yields, process efficiency, and process economics.

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