ISMZ Annual Conference, March 20-21, 2018
New Orleans, LA


Javier Garcia-Martinez

Javier Garcia Martinez is Professor of Inorganic Chemistry and Director of the Molecular Nanotechnology Laboratory of the University of Alicante (UA) where he teaches and leads a worlds leading research center on nanomaterials for energy applications. Published extensively in the areas of nanomaterials and energy and is the author of more than twenty five patents. His latest books are "Nanotechnology for the Energy Challenge" (Wiley, 2010), “Chemistry Education” (Wiley, 2014), and “Mesoporous Zeolites” (Wiley, 2015) He is also the founder of Rive Technology, which is commercializing the mesoporous zeolite technology he developed during his Fulbright postdoctoral stay at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Since 2012, Rive MolecularHighway® catalysts are used in several US and Asia-Pacific refineries, significantly increasing the production of fuels and the energy efficiency of the processes. His scientific and business leadership has been recognized with some of the most important awards. In 2018, Javier is recognized by the American Chemical Society with the Kathryn C. Hach Award for Entrepreneurial Success. In 2015 he became the first Spanish to receive the Emerging Researcher Award from the American Chemical Society and the first person to receive the Award for the Best Spanish Innovation in the USA. In June 2014, he was awarded the Rey Jaime I Prize in the category of New Technologies. In 2009 the World Economic Forum recognized him as Young Global Leader. In 2007, MITs Technology Review magazine selected him as one of the top innovators of his generation. Javier is a member of the Emerging Technologies Council of the World Economic Forum, of the Young Global Academy, of the Executive Committee of the IUPAC, and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.


March 20 2018   8:25    
Introductory Remarks
  Alissa Park
March 20 2018   9:05    
Rives Molecular Highway Technology Increases FCCU Profitability
  Clint Cooper
March 20 2018   9:35    
Development and Application of FCC Catalyst Integrating Innovative RIVE’s Mesoporous Y Zeolite
  Shankhamala Kundu
March 20 2018   10:15    
March 20 2018   10:35    
Dual Role of Surfactants as Structure-Directing Agents and Mesoporogens in the Preparation of Zeolites
  Jeffery Rimer
March 20 2018   11:15    
Identifying the Champion Zeolite Crystals in a Powdered Catalyst Batch
  Maarten Roeffaers
March 20 2018   14:00    
Synthesis of Chiral Molecular Sieves: a 30 Year Journey
  Mark Davis
March 20 2018   14:40    
Bead-Milling and Post-Milling Recrystallization: A New Methodology for the Production of Nano-sized Zeolite
  Toru Wakihara
March 20 2018   15:20    
March 20 2018   15:35    
Designer Zeolites: Smaller, More Accessible, Better and Affordable
  Jean-Pierre Gilson
March 20 2018   16:15    
Greener Synthesis of Mesoporous Zeolites
  Feng-Shou Xiao
March 20 2018   16:55    
Concluding Remarks
March 21 2018   8:25    
Introductory Remarks
  Michael Reynolds
March 21 2018   8:35    
Zeolite Catalysis in Biomass Conversion: Stability, Accessibility and Confinement Effects
  Bert Sels
March 21 2018   9:15    
Catalytic Pyrolysis of Lignin with Micro/Mesoporous Zeolites for the Production of Green Phenolics and Aromatics
  Konstantinos Triantafyllidis
March 21 2018   9:55    
March 21 2018   10:15    
Epoxidation of Biodiesel over Hierarchical TS-1-Based Catalysts: Improvement of Diffusion or Accessibility?
  Roger Glaeser
March 21 2018   10:55    
Macropore Containing Zeolitic Materials
  Wilhelm Schwieger
March 21 2018   11:35   Keynote  
Discovery and Commercialization of New Catalysts Engineered at the Nanoscale
  Javier Garcia Martinez
March 21 2018   12:15    
Concluding Remarks
March 21 2018   13:25    
Introductory Remarks
  Valentin Valtchev
March 21 2018   13:35    
Properties and Applications of Metal Oxide Mesophases Assembled from Sustainable Amine Surfactants
  Thomas Pinnavaia
March 21 2018   14:25    
Improving Stability of Zeolites and Mesoporous Materials in Hot Liquid Water by Hydrophobization with Organosilanes
  Daniel Resasco
March 21 2018   15:35    
Tuning Zeolite Accessibility by In-situ and Post-synthesis Methods
  Valentin Valtchev
March 21 2018   16:25    
Automated Electron Diffraction Techniques for Phase Analysis and Structure Characterization of Zeolite Materials
  Xiaodong Zou
March 21 2018   17:15    
Concluding Remarks
  Javier Garcia Martinez



Chevron is one of the world's leading integrated energy companies, with subsidiaries that conduct business worldwide. The company's success is driven by the ingenuity and commitment of its employees and their application of the most innovative technologies in the world. Chevron is involved in virtually every facet of the energy industry. The company explores for, produces and transports crude oil and natural gas; refines, markets and distributes transportation fuels and other energy products; manufactures and sells petrochemical products; generates power and produces geothermal energy; provides energy efficiency solutions; and develops the energy resources of the future, including biofuels. Chevron is based in San Ramon, Calif. More information about Chevron is available at

Zeolyst International

Since its inception in 1988, Zeolyst International has emerged as a global leader in the disciplines of zeolite powders, catalysts and adsorbents. It combines the product development and manufacturing expertise in zeolites and catalysts from its parent companies, PQ Corporation and the Shell Global Solutions affiliate CRI/Criterion Inc., into a single entity that can handle the entire development and commercialisation of zeolite applications.

Quantachrome Instruments

Founded in 1968 in Long Island, NY, and currently headquartered in Boynton Beach, FL, Quantachrome Instruments is an industry leader in porous materials characterization instruments. Quantachrome is represented worldwide with several direct offices in Europe, China, Japan, and India, as well as an extensive exclusive distributor network covering all major markets around the world. Quantachrome focuses on providing both instruments and support for customers undertaking unique types of research and/or manufacturing in the field of materials characterization and porous solids in applications such as polymers, catalysts, activated carbons, zeolites, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Rive Technology, Inc.

Rive Technology, Inc., was founded in 2006 to comemercialize Molecular Highway (TM) technology for catalytic and separations processes, such as those used to refine petroleum, produce chemicals and biofuels, and purify air and water. Invented at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Rive's proprietary technology improves traditiional zeolite catalysts and adsorbents through introduction of broad channels, or molecular highways, which overcome the diffusion limits of these materials, leading to better yields, process efficiency, and process economics. Rive is commercializing its Molecular HighwayTM technology for the petroleum refining industry with W.R.Grace. In mid-2010 Rive and Grace entered into a joint development and commercialization rogram to combine Rive's innovative technology with Grace's market leading capabilities in catalyst formulation and manufacturing. The companies are jointly developing and marketing breakthrough FCC catalysts based on Molecular HighwayTM technology. Rive's Sales, Marketing, and Finance offices are in Boston, Massachusetts. Rive's Research & Development team - over thirty technical team members from leading universities, catalyst manufacturers, and oil companies - is located in the heart of New Jersey's "Einstein Alley", near Princeton, NJ.


Grace is a leading global supplier of catalysts; engineered and packaging materials; and, specialty construction chemicals and building materials. The company's three industry-leading business segments-Grace Catalysts Technologies, Grace Materials Technologies and Grace Construction Products-provide innovative products, technologies and services that enhance the quality of life. Grace employs approximately 6,700 people in over 40 countries and had 2013 net sales of approximately $3.1 billion. More information about Grace is available at


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