ISMZ Annual Conference, Aug. 27-28, 2019
During the 258th ACS National Meeting and Exposition, Aug. 25-29, San Diego, CA


Minkee Choi

Minkee Choi studied chemistry and received his B.S., M.S., and PhD degrees in Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) under the supervision of Prof. Ryong Ryoo. Then, he joined the group of Prof. Enrique Iglesia in the Department of Chemical Engineering, UC Berkeley as a postdoctoral research fellow. After 2 yr postdoctoral experience, he joined the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, KAIST as a faculty member (December, 2010). He is currently an associate professor. His research interests include the design of porous materials for adsorption and catalytic applications, which include the synthesis of zeolites, carbons, polymers, and their composite materials.

Xiaolei Fan

Xiaolei Fan is Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering at The University of Manchester (United Kingdom). He received his PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Bath (United Kingdom) in 2010. He continued his research in the area of catalytic reaction engineering as a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Warwick and University of Cambridge. In November 2013, he joined The University of Manchester as a faculty member. His primary interests are heterogeneous catalysis, catalytic reaction engineering, process intensification, and functional porous materials for catalysis and adsorption. Currently, he focuses specifically on the development and characterisation of porous materials, ranging from microporous zeolites/MOFs, through zeolites with mesoporosity, to macroporous cellular foams, for gas adsorption and catalytic applications, being recently awarded the Lee Hsun Young Scientist Award by the by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Zhenxing Scholar Professor Award by Shenyang University of Chemical Technology for his contributions to the field of porous materials.

Faisal Althenayan

Faisal Althenayan is a Science Specialist at Saudi Aramco R&DC under the Chemicals R&D Division. His specialty is Hydrocarbon Conversion and Petrochemicals Research. Faisal joined Saudi Aramco in 2001 upon graduating from King Fahd University for Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) as a chemical engineer with a second honor. Upon graduation, he joined the R&DC where he worked on various activities related to catalysis and refining. He pursed his advanced degree studies for Master followed by PhD degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of New South Wales, Australia, where he completed his PhD degree successfully in late 2011 focusing on enhancing dry reforming conversion over alumina catalysis as a research area. Upon re-joining the R&DC, he worked with the Chemicals R&D Division, where he led and contributed in catalysis and kinetic studies for various research projects such as Butenes to Butanols, Crude to Chemical, Heavy Reformate to Xylenes,..etc. His intellectual properties include 5 patents, three technical papers and more than 5 conference papers. Faisal also contributed in teaching various courses at KFUPM covering Catalysis, Refining Technologies and Petrochemical Industries as an Adjunct-Assistant Professor at KFUPM.


August 27 2019   13:00    
Introductory Remarks
  J. Garcia-Martinez
August 27 2019   13:10   Keynote  
What makes mesoporous zeolites unique: Abundant external acid sites and fast molecular transport
  M. Choi
August 27 2019   13:50    
Interactions between surface species and confined solvent structures within Lewis Acid zeolites: The DeStabilization of catalytically-relevant intermediates
  D. Bregante
August 27 2019   14:20    
August 27 2019   14:40   Keynote  
Revisiting the old dealumination and desilication of synthetic zeolites: The way forward
  X. Fan
August 27 2019   15:20    
Nanostructural evolution of hierarchically-structured single-unit-cell-thick siliceous MFI zeolite nanosheets under steaming
  Y. Guefrachi
August 27 2019   15:50    
Small molecule soft-templates for the design and synthesis of mesoporous beta zeolites for crude to chemical applications
  S. Fernandez
August 28 2019   8:00   Keynote  
Mesoporous zeolites in crude oil valorization: Potentials, Challenges and Research Essentials
  F. Althenayan
August 28 2019   8:40    
Selective conversion from methanol into propene over mesoporous high silica beta zeolite
  F.-S. Xiao
August 28 2019   9:10    
August 28 2019   9:30    
Catalyst performance trends and correlations between real-world and surrogate test conditions
  T. Kucharski
August 28 2019   10:00    
Preparation of micro-mesoporous composite sieves catalyst and its catalytic cracking performance of coal tar
  Z. Yang
August 28 2019   10:30    
Concluding Remarks
  J. Garcia-Martinez


Zeolyst International

Since its inception in 1988, Zeolyst International has emerged as a global leader in the disciplines of zeolite powders, catalysts and adsorbents. It combines the product development and manufacturing expertise in zeolites and catalysts from its parent companies, PQ Corporation and the Shell Global Solutions affiliate CRI/Criterion Inc., into a single entity that can handle the entire development and commercialisation of zeolite applications.


Grace is a leading global supplier of catalysts; engineered and packaging materials; and, specialty construction chemicals and building materials. The company's three industry-leading business segments-Grace Catalysts Technologies, Grace Materials Technologies and Grace Construction Products-provide innovative products, technologies and services that enhance the quality of life. Grace employs approximately 6,700 people in over 40 countries and had 2013 net sales of approximately $3.1 billion. More information about Grace is available at

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